Drawing and Painting

Clouds and ocean painting.
Pure Stoke. A plein air oil painting of Kaua‘i's South Shore.
Yellow and white fish against black background.
Butterfly Fish. An Acrylic painting.
Deep orange fish with black stripes against green background.
Angel Fish. An Acrylic painting.
Purple background with pastel dots.
Communication. An Acrylic painting.
Flower on white background.
Jungle Queen. A colored pencil drawing of a Pink Ginger flower.
Pink and black abstract, left. Turquoise and black abstract, right.
The Sea Beneath. A set of abstract acrylic paintings on paper.
Semi closed flower, side view.
Hibiscus Flower. A pen drawing.
Bright flower in a small glass.
Orchid. Watercolor pencil and acrylic.
Blue menorah against black, surrounded by a flower lei.
Menorah. An acrylic painting.
Pink, white, grey, black, gold, and yellow painting.
The Voice. An abstract acrylic painting.